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Historic Motorsport

In the sixties and early seventies names such as Beechey, Jane, Brock, Moffat and Geogheagan were carving out careers as Touring Car drivers. They drove Mustangs, Monaros, GTHOs, Chargers, Cortinas, Mini Cooper S, Toranas, Valiants and Jaguars to name a few. In those days there was a common saying: Win on Sunday, sell on Monday, meaning a good win translated directly into showroom sales.

The paddock really was a paddock and ingenuity and effort counted as much as a gun driver. Racing was close and exciting in cars little different to those our parents and we grew up with. Car manufacturers were adding GT, RS or HO models to their ranges and with the help of Lotus, Cosworth and Shelby these cars were winning road, track and rally championships around the globe.