2016 CAMS WA State Championships and WASCC Results

2015 CAMS WA State Championships and WASCC Results

2015 WAHTCC Points (Scratch Races)

2014 WAHTCC Club Awards

Peter Manton Trophy (Mini's only)

1st Cono Onofaro     290

2nd Lance Stannard     249

3rd Mark Abbott    92


Peter Burke Trophy  Under 2 Liter for both Nb and Nc

1st Barry Baltinas     448

2nd John Harwood     428

3rd Cono Onofaro     290


Bull Trophy all capacities and classes but drop best 5 point scorers

1st Gerry Emmelhainz     287

2nd Randle Beavis     285

2nd Grahame Woolhouse     285

3rd Lance Stannard     249


Grass valley trophy for first year Rookie driver

1st Paul Jakovitch    92

2nd Mike Gallagher     84

3rd Patrick Van Dregal     80


Holland family trophy for all capacities and classes points calculated on results plus bonus of 50 points for entering and extra bonus of 250 points if all meetings entered

1st Barry Baltinas     1008

2nd John Harwood     778

3rd Steve Hooton      640


Patrons trophy Hard luck trophy

Leo Grida 


Nc Trophy  for over 3 liter

1st Steve Hooton     340

2nd Greg Freeman     165

3rd Ray Hepburn     139


Nc Trophy for under 3 Liter

1st Barry Baltinas     448

2nd Gerry Emmelhainze    287

3rd Geoff Moran    150


Nb Trophy  for over 3 Liter

1st Bill Meeke     295

2nd Grahame Woolhouse     285

3rd Frank Viscovitch    138


Nb under 3 liter

1st John Harwood     428

2nd Cono Onofaro     290

3rd Randle Beavis     285


Try Award

Daniel Dragojevich


Stan Starcevich Trophy

Lance Stannard


Club man of the year

John Harwood